It all begins with a song…
Starry, starry night…

Season Star,
In the land of embracing sky,
Terraces with fantastic mountains scene,
Birds chirping, wind whistling and tree swaying,
Flowers and trees blossom in the garden,
The wonderful and the elegance,
Of the unpredictable,
Within the four seasons.

An ideal spot to blend,
The delights of sunshine and cloudfall,
A place to set the mind free,
With the delicate aroma from tea plantations and bamboo forests,
Feel spiritually cleansed,
In touch with the inner self,
Revitalizing yourself,
In an atmosphere of peace and quiet…



Taiwan Alishan Seasonsar B&B
Add: No.18, Siding, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County 602, Taiwan (23°25'53.9"N 120°39'34.2"E)
TEL: +886-978002731